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    Bad Credit Loans If your credit is truly damaged, you may need a "SubPrime" loan. These loans may have higher interest rates, but they can often get you approved when no one else can.
    Refinance Your Home Mortgage Refinancing replaces your existing loan with another lower interest rate loan for the same amount. This can save you tons of money when market interest rates drop 1 or more percentage points lower than your present rate. Refinancing can be used to reduce your interest rate, change the term of your loan, or to consolidate your debts.
    Home Equity Loans With a Home Equity Loan you can use your home as collateral to consolidate bills, make home improvements, buy a new car, plan a vacation, etc. The minimum amount available for a loan is $10,000, but you can borrow as much as $250,000. There are no closing costs or fees associated with the loan.
    Debt Consolidation Signup for a free debt reduction analysis and see how you can save lots of money!
    Second Mortgages If you don't want to refinance your existing first mortgage, but would like to use your home equity for debt consolidation or just to get cash for any purpose.
    Home Improvement The Title I loan is for individuals requiring funds for home improvement, but who have little or no equity in their property or who live in a state where equity loans are very limited. If you have some equity in your home you may want to consider refinancing for your home improvements. Title I loans bear a higher interest rate than other loan types available.
    First Time Home Buyer Loan Generally, a lender will want your monthly mortgage payment to total no more than 29% of your monthly income before taxes and other paycheck deductions are taken out. Use our mortgage calculator to see what will be your monthly payment

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Getting a Business Insurance for Hosting Companies


Working on a web hosting company means that you work on the ‘invisible’ side of the internet, though it’s not as bad as it seems. This means that you only have to put your mind into working on how to maintain the servers, store numerous files, and host a lot of services that is needed by many people on a regular basis.

However, like normal businesses, web hosting companies like can also be liable to lawsuits and property loss. No matter how small your web hosting company is, it can be so important for other businesses that benefit from it, so if anything goes wrong, you will be responsible for their loss.

The Right Insurance Policy for your Business

No matter how large the risk is for your company, you can still mitigate it and go on without fearing bankruptcy if you know which insurance policy you should get. The following are the recommended insurance policies with the protection a web hosting company needs:

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance offers a core of commercial liability coverage that concentrates on universal concerns. Instances like accidental damage to the property of a client or a guest being hurt while staying on the company premises can be covered by this kind of insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Even while working on web hosting companies or as a tech professional, there are still chances that you’ll encounter clients making various complaints that will eventually turn into lawsuits. A small misunderstanding, incompatibility issues, and data breach can cost you a lot of money when it heads to court. Thus, you must include Errors and Omissions Insurance to your risk management plan as it will cover you in this kind of instances.

Cyber or Online Liability Insurance

Cyber or Online Liability Insurance has two types, the first-party and the third-party cyber liability. The former helps the business cover the expensive costs due to data breach like advertising and conducting PR movements to reestablish reputation, addressing cyber or online extortion demands, notifying the affected customers or clients about the breach, and credit monitoring services. The latter, conversely, can help you cover costs when your client experience the data breach, then decides to sue your company in order to recover their losses. It can help you in terms of court costs, fees for an attorney, and judgments or settlements.

Business Owner’s Policy

Business Owner’s Policy is very handy for IT professionals because it acts as a safeguard in case an uncertainty occurs. It covers your business both in terms of a liability claim and natural disasters such as a tornado, fire, and even criminal activity that can also damage your property.


Property losses, liability claims, and natural disasters—they can all be unexpected for every business so it’s important to prepare insurance plans beforehand. No matter what business you have, the cost brought by these kinds of events can bring you to bankruptcy so you don’t want to take them for granted.

For web hosting companies, it’s a good thing that there are existing insurance policies dedicated for them to act as their safeguard. With the right insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about the risks that are going to happen anytime.

Movies You Might Want to Watch Before You Decorate Your Home

decorate home theater

If you’re running out of inspiration for your home decoration, you don’t need to worry as you can actually find inspiration in just about anything – even in putlocker movies. So, grab some popcorn and watch one or two of the movies we listed below.

This Is Where I Leave You

Ha-ha! Now I know how the title sounds, and I am not here endorsing this movie, though, the whole set of the movie is a shining star in the dark night for those who are looking for bright and welcoming interiors like typical and simple yet beautiful homes. Give it a shot.


So, what is up with this one? Well, it gives a summary about French designs that are mostly focused on color saturation and vintage styles. Not to mention the supreme decorum they have in them. The sets of boudoirs shown in this movie are undoubtedly the finest ones if you are considering for proposals to make your house more and more imaginative.


This is for those who are a little more predisposed to avant-garde designs. Are you one of them? If yes, then this movie is best for explaining macabre, gothic color scheming and furniture choices for off-the-wall designs.

Under The Tuscan Sun

What about folks who like Italian villas? No problem! We have just the flick for you. There’s no modest choice for this one. It is, by far, the most relevant and up-to-the-mark movie regarding the sets shown as Italian villas and are perhaps the best ideas you can have off of this.

Eat Pray Love

Exotic designs in this movie are to be seen in every scene but do not fool yourself as there is more than what meets the eye in this movie. The main character travels all across the world, so there are plenty of choices to make.

The Royal Tenenbaums

This movie is nothing less than a full-on meal for your eyes! Each room shown in this movie is the result of a different imagination.

Darkest Hour

Based on the time during WWII, this movie symbolizes the feats of British designs. If you want your home to be full of expensive sparkling marbles, rumbling walls and shining floors. This might be just the movie for you.

Down with Love

This movie features the pink over-the-top apartment of Barbara Nova. You will surely be fascinated by the pretty bright colors and unique sets of furniture in the setting. You will also be left in awe with Barbara’s beautiful rooftop terrace.

500 Days of Summer

If you want to give your space a warm, quirky and inviting effect, then you will surely get inspiration from Summer’s bedroom.

Decorating a house is certainly an exciting task. However, it can also be an exhausting one. Luckily, there’s an endless list of movies that you can watch to get home decoration inspiration. You just need to pick the right movie, and you’re good to go.

Funding Surgeries by Selling Homes

Surgeries by Selling Homes

Today, despite getting medical insurances, there’s no denying that surgery is one of the most expensive procedures in the medical field. Thus, a lot of us find alternatives to lessen the burden of paying the heavy expenses. One of the most common options to alleviate the cost is actually selling your own house to pay off the bills. Here is a recent in-depth news about what’s really happening:  

Grey Power Predicts an Increase in Surgery Demands

According to recent statistics, Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics specialists warned that by 2026, the demand for hip and knee replacements will double. Grey Power, an insurance broker company, mentioned that multiple elderly patients have resorted to selling their homes in order to fund elective surgeries to avoid possible long-term disability and pain.

In fact, out of 1500 members that took the company’s survey, 56 of them mentioned that they sold their homes just to pay for their elective surgeries. One of the main reasons why they’re pushed to sell their homes is because they can’t access the public healthcare system and find cheaper alternatives.

The Government Not Funding for Elderly People

Tom O’Connor, Grey Power’s president, stated that the previous and current government leaders have failed to recognize the demand for elective surgery. In reality, the aging population has no proper and enough funding to support their surgical needs, thus making them inactive or possibly disabled. For O’Connor, this becomes a huge burden in the long run because it will significantly affect an area’s capacity to produce and maximize its resources.

Orthopedic Surgeons Supporting Grey Power’s Predictions

In Grey Power’s survey, they also found out that around 200 members are waiting to undergo surgery for 6 years. 22 of them also declined as they can’t wait anymore and that they’re already too old to proceed.

Orthopedic surgeons, together with other secondary practitioners support the idea. Even a spine surgeon, sees the importance of caring for the overall health of the muscles, thus joining the plea for a change in the healthcare system.   

According to the New Zealand Orthopedic Association (NZOA), the health system of today will not be able to cover and cope with future demands. This would mean that people, especially the elder ones, would be subjected to pain unless something is done to make surgery accessible.

What is Needed

In order for people to not resort in selling their houses, the existing crisis should be dealt with seriousness. For instance, aside from the needed financial aid that the government should provide, other related health practitioners such as nurses, anesthetists, therapists, and the like should be trained just for this, and the hiring process should already be running today. In addition, clinics, hospitals, and hospices should now be constructed to cater to the looming number of patients in the near future.

It is sad to hear that people end up selling their beloved homes just to cater to their basic medical needs. After all, medical health is something that we all should have access to, no matter how much we earn. Regardless of the income, health care systems should be something that we can get right away. Hopefully, in the future, it will change for the better.

How to Buy a House with Bitcoin

Buy a House with Bitcoin

There are many emerging trends in the trading industry. In the recent past, much has been said about bitcoins. For the few who have not heard of them, they simply refer to a cryptocurrency which does not involve the central bank and utilizes the encryption technique to regulate funds. When crypto trading with bitcoins, no third party is involved. The buyer and sellers transact directly.

Although there have been warnings about future negative fluctuations in the value of bitcoins, investors have continued to invest heavily in them. The housing industry also has begun to dips its toes into bitcoin trading, and now, even houses can be exchanged with bitcoins. There exist hundreds of merchants who trade in bitcoins. They include Microsoft, Expedia, and many more. And now, even the real estate industry is adopting the technology.

If you’re thinking it’s hard to buy a house using bitcoin, you’re wrong. In fact, it is very simple. There is only one thing that should be set right: both the buyer and the seller must agree on how to transact bitcoin for the property. Platforms like Auto Trader for Bitmex has made it easy to do bitcoin exchange.

The first house to be exchanged using bitcoin was in the year 2017 in Texas. The parties involved in the transaction utilized the BitPay platform. This platform converts bitcoin to dollars. BitPay has been hailed for handling other real estate transactions efficiently-- the most notable one being the Lake Tahoe property which was sold out in the year 2014 for 2,739 bitcoins.

In bitcoin transaction, BitPay plays the following roles to enable selling and purchase:

  • It enables you as a businessman to accept bitcoin and bitcoin cash for your business. It has retail, billing, e-commerce, and other donation tools to receive payments from customers worldwide. This platform has made the world a global trading village. With platforms like BitPay, you will be able to buy a house anywhere.
  • Bitcoin exchange platforms enable you as a businessman to easily manage finance in one app which offers a secure and open source wallet. The BitPay application, for example, is available on most mobile and desktop platforms.

There are many sites that have made it simple to find properties that can be purchased using bitcoins. It has a search tool that enables you to look for the keywords that you are interested in and the interface is pretty straightforward.

With the open listing, you will be able to:

  • To see every house as soon as it is advertised on the market. The website will keep you updated on the house or property available that’s within your budget.
  • It enables you as a property buyer to share offers, tours and your favorites with other buyers.
  • On this website, you are able to obtain exclusive detailed features of the property you are interested in.
  • You get smart pricing on every property you purchase.
  • Services are offered throughout. You can check out anything at any given time.

Though experts warn that purchasing a house with bitcoins may not be simple, it has proved to work. The only challenge that can be experienced is finding an insurance policy which can handle virtual currency transactions. But all in all, bitcoin is a powerful currency in the real estate industry and beyond.

What Every Graphic Designer Should Know About Insurance

Graphic Design Insurance

Graphic designers can get exclusive insurance policies they can take advantage of. There are standalone and packaged policies that can also be customized for your unique needs. Let’s check them out:

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance

This provides you with a general coverage for lawsuits in terms of property damage or third-party bodily injury. For graphic designers, this could mean:

  • A vendor, client, or delivery person falls or slips on your business premises
  • Either you or your employee damages the property of a client
  • You unintentionally used a copyrighted material
  • You were accused of false marketing
  • You were accused of slander or libel

CGL insurance can cover the medical bill cost or the replacement of the damaged properties. It can also cover your legal defense costs if you come across lawsuits.

Commercial property insurance

This protects your building or office space from damages like theft, fire, vandalism, weather, etc. This policy covers the replacement or repair of the damages. The commercial property insurance even covers cases of business interruption. It covers ongoing expenses like salaries, rent, etc. Should you be unable to operate or temporarily need relocation after covered causes like fire, this insurance policy can also come in handy.

Business owners policy (BOP)

A graphic design business in Singapore may also qualify for BOP. For example, you will find has such a qualification. It’s a convenient package policy meant for low-risk, small businesses. With this, you can have property, liability, and business interruption coverage all in one affordable custom package. Ask your insurance agent if this is something you can qualify for.

Graphic Designers Professional Liability Insurance 

Clients depend on your expertise and skill. You are the one in-charge of ensuring that the branding and personality of the client’s company reflect on the graphic materials you produce. You have a whole list of other job descriptions as well. Any negligence or mistake on your end could put the reputation of the client at stake and do other forms of harm.

Even if the client files a negligence claim against you and it is relatively unsubstantiated, you still need to defend yourself once you’re sued. The Graphic Designers Professional Liability insurance helps you get protected should your services or advice cost the client financial harm or other damages. You can face lawsuit for many reasons like:

  • Alleged or actual errors, negligence, or omissions
  • Piracy, plagiarism, or copyright infringement

If you don’t get this insurance coverage, you’ll have to use your personal assets to pay for the legal defense, including the court costs, attorney fees, or any other judgment or settlement.

Other Insurance for Graphic Designers

If you have a large graphic design studio and manage multiple employees, you may need other insurance options like the following:

  • Nonowned auto liability coverage
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance

Whatever type of business you have, there are heaps of possibilities that you need to be ready for. The best way to get protected is to have the right insurance policies getting your covered.

The Celebration That Pushed Them to Debt

Mortgage and Babies

Joshua Shroyer, his wife, and their two sons were able to get by even with their student loans and mortgage. However, last 2016 they received news that they were going to have a third boy in the family. The pregnancy was difficult for both the mother and the child. Thankfully, both of them were able to get through it safely even when the baby arrived prematurely at 26 weeks.

The difficult pregnancy forced Ivonne, Shroyer's wife, off work for 6 months. Oftentimes, she was also without pay.  Though she only makes $15.75 an hour, without this amount, it will make things hard for the young couple.

The family needed to have both parents earning to pay off the loans and the mortgage. By the time their child was using a baby walker, their credit cards were eventually maxed out, and the celebration of having another child was weighed down by debt. Without the credit cards as a stop gap, the family found it hard to pay their obligations. They eventually stopped paying their loans. Their credit score fell, and interest rates skyrocketed.  It came to a point where the couple found it hard to put food on the table. 

The Shroyers then turned to payday loans.  Unlike a mortgage, you will not need to put anything out as collateral. Plus, the loan is short-term and easy to get. Most states will only need one valid I.D,  a bank account, and a proof of income.  Another alternative for payday loans is the bad credit loans. Though this type of loan has higher interest rates, it can easily get approved.

Shroyer applied for a $430 loan, but he was given an $830 installment loan instead. What Shroyer did was actually what people often do nowadays.  People choose to get the loans with higher interest rates. Almost fifty-one percent of millennials have considered to take out risky loans to cover daily expenses. This includes payments for utilities, rent, and groceries. This is due to salaries having a lower purchasing power.  Although Shroyer had to pay higher interest rates, what mattered to him the most was putting food on the table.  He also thought of using the loan to pay their bills and increase his credit score again. 

There are plenty of loans that can be of help in situations like what the Shroyers are in.  You can go for bad credit loans. This type of loan has higher interest rates, but it is often times approved. It also usually taken out by people who have very low credit scores to allow them to build things back together again. Mortgage refinancing loans can also be an option. This type of loan can help you save money and can be used to reduce interest rates or to consolidate your debts. The interest rate decreases when the market's interest rates lower as well. The next option is to take out Home Equity Loans. You can make your home a collateral and use it to consolidate bills and more.

Now, the Shroyers are now slowly getting back on their feet.  Their youngest son is already a year old. The mortgage rates increased because their credit score went down. They have to take into account everything from health care to even groceries.  The couple cannot easily indulge as well. Though the family is still not out of debt, things are slowly getting back to normal. 

Why Should You Buy Home Insurance for Your Dream Home?

Home Insurance

Getting a building insurance is different from contents insurance. There are several factors that are not included in the contents insurance but are stated in the building insurance.  Building insurance is often added as part of the mortgage that you are paying for your home.

Having a building insurance is very important because it can help you financially, in case of disasters caused by accidental fire, landslides, and other man-made disasters. If you do not have one yet, it is best that you get one as soon as possible or coordinate with your mortgage company to help you choose the cheapest home insurance for your home. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when choosing one.

To what extent is the coverage for your insurance?

There are two types of coverage that you can choose for your building insurance. We have the total replacement coverage and the sum insured coverage. The total replacement coverage includes all the costs that you will need when rebuilding your home. This type of insurance can be expensive considering the total amount of rebuilding your house might be more expensive than the previous one. 

The sum insured insurance is cheaper compared to the total replacement coverage. This is because the insurance will only cover a certain amount and that amount can be a fixed price.

How much insurance can I get for my house?

The insurance company has two specific ways to measure the amount of coverage for your house. The company will not only measure the house based on the raw materials but they will also consider the land and location where your home stands.

One of the methods that they consider is the cost per square meter wherein they will give you the amount based on the rough guide on the size of the house and the materials used in building it.  The other one is elemental estimating. This method is used to assess the different elements in the building in order to get the correct rebuilding cost, laborers' fees and prices of the raw materials.

Should I also get a contents insurance?

If your building insurance comes with a contents cover, then you won't have to get a contents insurance. But if contents insurance is excluded from your building insurance coverage, call your building insurance company and ask if them if they can bundle both. In this way, it will help you save more money rather than getting two different insurance policies.

When and where should I purchase a home insurance?

Mortgage companies automatically add home insurance whenever you decide to get their service. Make sure that you check the insurance company that your mortgage company is working with. In this way, you will know the coverage and the fees that you will be paying for the home insurance.

How much do we pay for home insurance?

There are several factors that will be considered to get the amount that you will be paying for the home insurance. They will consider the location, the amount of coverage that you wish to get your home insured for and the contents cover.

Insurance companies offer several types of home insurance that you can choose from. Most people will usually choose the cheapest amount for the insurance but you have to make sure that your house will not be underinsured.  You need to read the coverage as well as the terms and conditions before buying a home insurance.

Choosing the best home insurance for your home is very important. In that way, you are financially ready to rebuild your home in case of disasters. It is best, therefore, that you contact your mortgage company to help you choose the best insurance policy for your home.

3D Printed Houses: How to Convince Clients to Get Your Mortgage Services

3D Print House

3D printing has been changing the real estate world as it continues to allow the creation of prototypes of one’s dream homes. It makes it easier for people to visualize what they want to see in their future homes. It also allows them to create designs that would cater to people with different needs and space requirements. However, mortgage lenders have started to use 3D printing as a way of getting clients to apply for mortgages for them.

3D models for your homes

On most occasions, we do not usually use 3D printed models when we apply for mortgages. When we apply, we usually just give the documents and sign the papers for our mortgage. And once it is finalized, you can have the cash and proceed to purchase your dream house. However, many mortgage lenders have started to use 3D printed house models as a remembrance of how their clients were able to get their dream home with the help of their financing. It makes clients feel that they are well accommodated and well taken care of. This way, both clients and mortgage lenders feel that they were able to build a relationship from a single transaction. Hopefully, that business relationship will not only stop with that lone transaction.

Banks and other mortgage companies can have the 3D printed version before the final signing of papers. One of the requirements for applying for a mortgage includes the blueprint of the house or the picture of the house itself. They can copy the images from there. They can print it with any 3D printers that are available in the market. If they happen to have many customers, they can ask for an additive marketing firm to help them with their 3D printing needs. In this way, the little present is ready before the official mortgage signing day.

Other 3D memorabilia

Aside from that, it does not have to be just a 3D printed version of the house. They can also have the 3D printed version of their dream car, dream business center, or building. 3D printing is applicable to services that the company can offer. These memorabilia are a perfect way of remembering how one simple dream transformed into something big.

3D printed models as marketing tool

It may seem expensive to some mortgage lenders, considering this is another expense on their part. 3D printers can be expensive, however there are websites that have found lower cost models too, e.g. visit website. Considering the massive printing requirement for each client, the amount can be really high. However, using 3D printed versions as memorabilia can be the “Yes “factor for the clients to avail of their services instead of those from other mortgage lenders in the market. Building good rapport with the client helps mortgage companies in their businesses. The clients can put in a good word for the company and refer them to their friends, which can result in more clients and better opportunities in the future.

3D Printing has slowly shaped many sectors in the sectors. Investing in it can help any company such as mortgage lenders to get more and better opportunities by building strong ties with their clients.


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