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Mortgage interest rates have started to creep up! There may never be a better time to:

Current Rates

30-yr.fixed    5.91%

15-yr.fixed     5.48%

1-yr.ARM      4.68%  

  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Purchase a Home
  • Get a Home Equity Loans
  • Get a Equity Line of Credit
  • Consolidate Your Debt
  • Get a Second Mortgage
  • Make a Home Improvements

If your credit rating is less than perfect you can even apply for bad credit loans

Check out our mortgage calculator to see your estimated payment for different loan amounts, interest rates, and terms.

What’s advantage for you:

Bad Credit Loans

If your credit is truly damaged, you may need a “SubPrime” loan. These loans may have higher interest rates, but they can often get you approved when no one else can.

Refinance Your Home Mortgage

Refinancing replaces your existing loan with another lower interest rate loan for the same amount. This can save you tons of money when market interest rates drop 1 or more percentage points lower than your present rate. Refinancing can be used to reduce your interest rate, change the term of your loan, or to consolidate your debts.

Home Equity Loans

With a Home Equity Loan you can use your home as collateral to consolidate bills, make home improvements, buy a new car, plan a vacation, etc. The minimum amount available for a loan is $10,000, but you can borrow as much as $250,000. There are no closing costs or fees associated with the loan.

Debt Consolidation

Signup for a free debt reduction analysis and see how you can save lots of money!

Second Mortgages

If you don’t want to refinance your existing first mortgage, but would like to use your home equity for debt consolidation or just to get cash for any purpose.

Home Improvement

The Title I loan is for individuals requiring funds for home improvement, but who have little or no equity in their property or who live in a state where equity loans are very limited. If you have some equity in your home you may want to consider refinancing for your home improvements. Title I loans bear a higher interest rate than other loan types available.

First Time Home Buyer Loan

Generally, a lender will want your monthly mortgage payment to total no more than 29% of your monthly income before taxes and other paycheck deductions are taken out. Use our mortgage calculator to see what will be your monthly payment

Take just 5 minutes and find the loan that fits your needs and save thousands of dollars, and best of all it’s FREE!

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Homeowners' Guide: Insurance Claims for Toxic Mold


If you ever find mold in your house, don’t rush to find a contractor to clean up the mess and end up parting with a fat paycheck. Some homeowner’s insurance policies might cover the cleanup, and you can put all your focus on filing a lawsuit against the contractor who built the house or the seller.

If the mold is toxic, you should get the compensation you deserve for the health risks you and your family have been exposed to. You should research what your home insurance covers so that you can avoid being ripped off.